Rolls-Royce Envisions More Custom Built Small-Batch Cars in the Future


Rolls-Royce, the Anglo-Germanic automaker that produces the most amazing and the most luxurious cars in the world is planning a series of ultra-low-volume models as per the report of Britain’s Autocar citing design chief Giles Taylor. As per the report, Rolls-Royce plans to launch and produce limited edition vehicles that have completely new designs inspired by the warm reception that the Sweptail sedan received last year.

The brand has been focusing a lot on creating vehicles with bespoke, themed interiors and had been offering them in small batches of a dozen cars or a bit more. Rolls-Royce had been reluctant to produce small runs of cars with one of kind exterior bodywork due to the expenses of meeting crash safety norms and type approval standards in most markets plus the staff that was needed for small volume projects. But the luxury automaker now believes that unique vehicles is the need of the hour and since people want exclusivity, the company wishes to produce limited run vehicles just like the Sweptail which was unveiled last May at Villa d’Este.

The company has produced one-off projects such as the Sweptail in the past in response to requests by a customer, the company plans to produce limited runs in the low single digits in the future. As per reports when the Sweptail debuted last year the company was cautious about such one-off projects and had stated they may never do a one-off for a customer due to the risks involved with a given car not being fit for the brand or the customer in the end. Even if, Roll-Royce can’t produce the vehicle of your dreams, there are several coachbuilders out there that are known for their auto body repair service and for producing one-off vehicles from time to time.

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