The Powderpuff Derby to be held in Sugar Grove

Powderpuff Derby

The Powderpuff Derby is one of those celebrated events where the Girl Scouts roll out their model cars and race them. The cars at the derby are like a canvas that gets car kits, glitter, color, creative ideas and story lines. The idea behind the Powderpuff Derby is to encourage sportsmanship and good citizenship amongst the girls who get to cheer for their friends and extend support to friends as they race against each other.

In addition to this, the girls learn craftsmanship by using woodworking tools and work on their cars almost the same way cars are worked on in a car restoration shop. They achieve a lot on personal grounds and further enhance the understanding within the family as the whole family gets involved into developing the model cars.

According to a parent volunteer at the event, Chris Saintey, the girls become independent and confident into developing something on their own and achieve wonders in a lot of ways. This year’s event will be hosted by the Girls Scout Troop No. 1569 for the second time and will be open to all of the 52 Troops within the Trefoil Service Unit.

Last year’s event was attended by around 400 people and around 83 girl scouts participated in the event and it seems that this year’s event is going to be even bigger. The races will be timed and will determine who gets the podium position amongst the six top positions. The leaders and participants will get to vote and choose the car they think is the most creative, funny, most colorful, has the best paintjob, most patriotic and the most Girl Scout Pride.

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