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Mike Schoonover, the third generation owner of Schoonover Bodyworks & Glass in Shoreview, Minnesota used to run employment ads but ever since he attended a career fair in 2016 on the corporate campus of 3M in St. Paul, Minnesota, it seems he’s no longer interested in running the employment ads. He now believes that making personal connections with potential employees whether at a job fair or via word of mouth, he can keep his talent pipeline flowing with quality candidates.

Schoonover believes that employment ads don’t help much and finding good candidates is quite tough through them and even though employment ads on the internet generate a lot of applicants, most of those applicants lack the skills, patience and training required. Schoonover, who visited the Collision Repair Foundation “Cars, Careers and Celebrities” career fair in St. Paul in 2016 figured that he converse with a lot of students about the endless opportunities in the industry and out of those students found Chris Zumach who worked as an intern with Schoonover for four months and was then hired as a full-time painter.

Zumach is now on the road to become one of the best car spray painters Schoonover has ever hired so far. Schoonover has realized how important connections are in finding the right candidates for the job work at his shop. There is shortage of skilled technicians in the industry and is one of the biggest challenge almost every one faces according to Aaron Schulenburg, executive director of the Society of Collision Repair Specialists. According to recent data from the TechForce Foundation based on analysis of BLS employment data, the collision repair industry will be in a need of an average of 17,200 new techs per year between 2016 and 2026 compared to the previous BLS projection of 4,810 new techs.

A lot of organizations are now working in this direction by organizing fairs and linking body shops to trade schools etc. in order to find raw talent for people belonging to the collision repair industry and every effort seems to be a positive step towards progress.

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