The Ferrari 328 Conciso by Michalak: A Wonderful Marvel

Ferrari 328

There isn’t anything compared to a coach built Italian supercar and design studios like the Zagato and Carrozzeria have acquired a lot of popularity in the past few years just because of their ability to build beautiful, attractive, state of the art custom versions of top notch Ferraris and Alfa Romeos among others. Then there was Bernd RudigerMichalak, a man who tried his hand at designing and reshaping an Italian beauty and the results came out somewhat unexpectedly different.

According to Bernd, sports cars should be fast, athletic, beautiful and lightweight and followed that belief and philosophy into designing and rebuilding a custom show car especially for the 1993 Frankfurt Motor Show. He started working on a regular Ferrari 328 GTS in his studio and turned it into a super lightweight Barchetta-style and named it Conciso. The car retained the engine from the Ferrari 328 GTS which was a 270 HP V8 with a five speed annual transmission, but weighed at least 800 lbs lesser than standard vehicle, thanks to the new alloy body that it had.

The end result of all the hard work from Bernd’s studio turned out rather exciting and is nothing compared to the regular car restoration services people avail. Conciso has a clamshell design at the front and rear ends and the car’s inner workings get revealed as it’s lifted up. The vehicle has no doors and so the passengers have to literally force themselves into the vehicle by stepping over the body work. The side bodywork where the doors are usually fitted, feature integrated pockets for crash helmets and since the car has limited safety features, one would need those helmets.

The Ferrari 328 GTS Conciso by Michalak is going to be auctioned by RM Sotheby’s at their upcoming auction in May. The Michalak designed Ferrari 328 GTS Conciso was auctioned by Bonham’s last year for 115,000 euros according to and the said amount equals to about $141,000 USD, which is not bad for a custom Ferrari.

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