EEF receives a grant from the Margaret Dunning Foundation

EEF receives a grant

The Margaret Dunning Foundation provided a grant of $53,000 to the Educational Excellence Foundation that serves at the Plymouth-Canton Community Schools District. The grant would be grateful in order for the Canton High School’s CTE automotive technology program as it would receive equipment upgrades. With the grant, the purchase of two pieces of equipment, an alignment machine and a paint prep station was possible and this in turn expands the safety and technological capacity of the program.

The most important component of the automotive technology program is to have the students diagnose all the problems with the vehicles that are brought in at the shop that is located in the Canton High School and to complete the repair. With the alignment machine, the students can now utilize the current technology and align majority of vehicles and the students can now learn how to service vehicles that come with new steering and suspension designs such as electronic steering, electronic ride control and even the autonomous driving vehicles.

The second equipment which is a paint prep workstation for students in the automotive paint collision repair and restoration program helps the students and faculty to work in a safe working space by mitigating several pollutants, dust and debris that is generated when working on vehicles at the car body workshop. The automotive technology program which was once an automotive hobby shop is now an automotive training center as the curriculum has become more rigorous and the program has had an increase in enrollment and with the addition of these two pieces of equipment purchased with the help of the grant from the Margaret Dunning Foundation the students can get the best out of the program.

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