Buckeye Hills Career Center Churns Out Expert Mechanics

Expert Mechanics

Driving is an important aspect in the life of a person and with driving of vehicles come the responsibility of the vehicle’s maintenance and service. The Buckeye Hills Career Center in Gallia County specializes in the training of students in learning repair and service of automobiles. Students at the Transportation Academy learn everything they need to when it comes to auto body repair service.

The Transportation Academy offers three different programs to the students that train them in repairing and servicing vehicles related to the field of agriculture, industry or anything else that is drivable.

The first program is the Agricultural and Diesel Mechanics program, which trains the students in order for them to deal with a wide variety of diesel engines in the agricultural as well as the industrial sector. Students are taught about how to work on diesel engines and small engines found in equipment such as lawn mowers and weed eaters etc.

The second one is the Auto Service Technology Program that teaches students to inspect, diagnose and repair the electrical, mechanical as well as the auxiliary systems of a car. The Auto Service Technology Program is certified by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence that certifies the mechanics and garages. The students get hands on experience of working on vehicles and learn the most in labs.

Then there is the Auto Collision Technology Program that gives training to students in order for them to learn about body work, paint and repair. The students are taught all the necessary skills such as welding, metal repair, painting, straightening frames and automotive refinishing. The programs take two years to complete and train students for being ready to enter the working world.

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