Britain’s Best Car Artist Who Paints Real Life Pictures on a Canvas

Best Car Artist

In the age of high end digital cameras, softwares that can help you do anything with a picture and mobile phones, stands tall a lone ranger, who can do magic on a canvas with his raw talent and a paint brush. Martin Tomlinson, the 67 year old man who can put the most talented painter at the utmost top notch, state of the art body work shop to shame when it comes to painting cars.

Tomlinson’s passion for painting cars on a canvas is evident from the numerous paintings that he has painted so far with a few being extremely remarkable and awe inspiring such as the picture of Mike Hawthorn pitting his Ferrari Squalo 555, which according to Tomlinson is his most prized possession.

A happy man with a great sense of humor, Tomlinson says he always had a passion for painting cars on the canvas and has studied fine arts at the Harlow Art College, which he says never taught him anything he knows today and he is mostly a self-taught man. Tomlinson says he had to abandon his career in art and develop a graphic design business as he had a mortgage to pay and a family to raise. But, he never stopped painting and remained active in the world of racing through commenting at various venues.

A time came when he combined two of his passions, racing and painting together and earned the respect of legends such as Carol Shelby and John Surtees who hired Tomlinson to paint for them. Today, Tomlinson channelizes his energy only towards his passion for painting cars on the canvas and works hard every day from 7:30 in the morning till 6:00 in the evening and loves every bit of it.

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