Bennett Street: A paradise for cars in Lynn

auto body shop paradise for cars

LYNN — The famous Bennett Street is a place in Lynn that is known for its state of the art shops and car garages. There isn’t a thing related to cars that you won’t find at Bennett Street. The shops and garages at Bennett Street offer services such as selling tires, repairing damaged vehicles and servicing cars. Most of the workshops such as the Estrada Auto Repair are state of the art facilities where one can get their vehicles serviced or repaired as these workshops use top of the line machinery to deliver nothing but the best to the valued customers. The workshops have become famous for the high quality work that they provide and have received widespread attention through word of mouth as it’s the main source of advertisement for most of the places present at Bennett Street.

Bennett Street is a paradise for those who wish to get their damaged cars repaired or restored to their original state, although in a much better way. Workshops such as Veo Auto Body Solutions & Repair Inc. and Saugus Auto-Craft Inc. are among the top most workshops on Bennett Street with a reputation for providing some of best auto body collision repair and restoration services. The Bennett Street Tire & Glass and the West Lynn Auto Service are two of the oldest workshops in the area and have been in business for several decades.

Most of the workshops at Bennett Street are known for providing high quality services and since these workshops have a reputation for being quite good as they use nothing but the most genuine spare parts and a flawless system of work, prices can be a little on the higher side although they are still quite competitive compared to other areas. So, if you have a vehicle that you have always loved and that sits dead in your garage at home and want to restore it to its former glory or if you have a car that has faced abuse over the years and has finally come to a state where it needs desperate attention then for you, Bennett Street is the place to be.

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